The city has invested millions of dollars to modernize its infrastructure, including its drinking water systems.

The “Water Works” Program — designed to upgrade the City’s drinking water purification and delivery systems, as well as its waste and stormwater treatment infrastructure. The program has three phases, which began in 2011.

Phase I

2011: $3.5 million to construct the Lake Jesup Reclaimed Water Augmentation Plant

2015: $6.3 drinking water system upgrade provided enhanced mineral filtering and improved purification processes.

Phase II

While the quality of Winter Springs water has been tested — and its quality proven — Phase II is underway and includes improvements to the taste and smell of your drinking water.

Improvements include new aeration systems, piping and additional ground storage tanks. Engineering is scheduled to occur in 2023 with construction in 2024.

Phase III

The final phase of the Water Works program is the replacement of the City’s two wastewater plants, with engineering and planning expected to begin around 2025.